Mr. Jason Pei -- President, Floating Windfarms (China)

Mr. Pei was the President of FoxConn Technology Co., Ltd, a listed company in Taiwan, specializing in the contract manufacturing of notebook computers, thermal components, fan/motors, LED lightings, and game machines, such as Nintendo WII, with annual sales of over US$2 billion and net profit margin of over 8%.

In 2007, FoxConn Technology was rated the No. 1 Company, among the Taiwan Info Technology best 100 Companies.

Mr Pei will take an early retirement from the FoxConn Group, and join us in Feb 2009 to lead our efforts in China – to start up our Caofeidian Project, and further reduce the cost of electricity from offshore wind, by driving down the installed cost/kW of offshore VAWTs through engineering improvements and the quantity manufacturing and installation of offshore VAWTs. At FoxConn, he has clearly demonstrated his management skill and engineering expertise in driving down the product costs thru engineering improvements and quantity manufacturing.

He received his M.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Syracuse University, USA.

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