Mr. Bill Hu -- VP Business Development

Mr. Hu is the VP Business Development of Floating Windfarms Corporation. Prior to joining Floating Windfarms, he owned jointly with a partner an importing company that imports industrial raw materials from all over China (such as minerals, metals. and chemicals) for customers in North America.


He had managed the importing company, and built up its business to annual sales of US$ 5.4 million, by identifying and qualifying producers in China and working with them to improve quality and lower costs. Additionally, he developed the logistics for transporting, handling, and storing over 40,000 tons of industrial raw materials per year. He has sold his interests in the importing company to his partner.

Prior to the importing company, he had 11 years of experience working as an electrical engineer and project manager who designed, constructed, commissioned, operated and maintained industrial facilities such as power plants, hazardous waste incineration plants, petrochemical plants, and printing plants.

Mr. Hu received his MBA in 1996, and his BSEE in 1983, both from the University of California at Irvine.

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