Floating Windfarms Corporation, a Texas corporation, develops cost-effective offshore windfarms for producing low-cost ‘green’ electricity, to a cost/kWh much below that of coal electricity.

We aim to develop in three years an offshore windfarm, using low-cost/kW shallow-water VAWTs, to demonstrate that the cost/kWh of electricity from offshore wind will be below that of coal electricity.

And, we aim to demonstrate in five years that the cost/kWh of electricity from offshore windfarms will be much below that of coal electricity through the quantity production and installation of low-cost/kW floating and non-floating VAWTs.

Combined with the development of large-scale pumped-hydros and smart grids, offshore wind can replace coal as the principle source of energy for electricity generation. And, the low-cost electricity can replace gasoline and diesel as the principle sources of energy for the plug-in hybrid vehicles and all electric vehicles. As such, low-cost electricity from offshore wind will replace fossil fuels as the principle source of energy.

These cost-effective floating and non-floating offshore VAWT windfarms, when fully implemented, will enable us to take a giant step beyond fossil fuels, and greatly reduce the global energy, air pollution, and climate change problems. And, make the world a cleaner, safer and better place to live!


Dr. Y. H. Michael Pao, a Member of National Academy of Engineering USA, is the founder of Floating Windfarms Corporation. In October, 2005, Dr. Pao introduced the concept of placing Floating-Windfarms-at-SeaTM in strong wind regions at sea, using a large number of medium-sized, low-cost/kW, vertical axis wind turbines mounted on floating platforms, anchored to the sea floor (Floating-VAWTTM). Subsequently, registered the trade marks both in the U.S. and China, and formed Floating Windfarms Corporation in Houston, Texas, USA.

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