Floating Windfarms will use an improved Darrieus-type 19-m VAWT developed and commercialized in the 1980’s by FloWind in cooperation with Sandia National Laboratory. At that time, the 19-meter VAWT was the largest wind turbine and had the lowest installed cost/kW and the lowest cost/kWh of electricity. FloWind and Sandia jointly received the Top National Award for Energy Innovation for 1984 from the U. S. Department of Energy. Under Dr. Pao's leadership, FloWind also developed two large-scale VAWT windfarms in California. FloWind designed, manufactured, installed and operated over 500 VAWTs in two windfarms in California, One in Altamont Pass near San Francisco, and one in Tehachapi Pass near Bakersfield. These low-cost and durable VAWTs operated for more than 20 years in California!

We are improving the FloWind 19-m VAWTs for offshore applications, with modern power controls and corrosion resistant materials, including:

  1.Composite blades with better airfoils

2.Moisture-proof two-speed generators, or direct-drive generators – for higher energy production

3.Solid-state power controls

4.An H/D ratio of 2.2 to 1 – for higher energy production

The following provides the Specifications and the Power Curve for the 300 KW FloWind 19-m VAWT.

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